The Final Harvest
Between November 2021 and May 2022 I spent my time curating, designing and writing “The Final Harvest”. It’s a photo book in the sense that it is a visual documentation, but it also has a story of life, death and decay attached to it. In November/December of 2021 I followed the Northern English band Cabbage on their final tour, documenting parts of life on the road, the current post-punk music scene, live music during Covid times and what makes a band truly a band: the fans.
The book was presented alongside a small photo exhibition, audio fragments of the tour and a room reminscent of an empty venue. In preperation the day before the official examination a gig was organised to  'initiate' the classroom. During the exhibition week of the AKI ArtEZ Finals in early July the putrid smell of sweat and old beer was present. A very limited amount of books was sold out.